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Long Island City reverberates with the pulse of innovation, creativity, and culture. While some think a day is sufficient to experience LIC, it takes a lifetime. There’s no better place to spend that lifetime than 1 QPS Tower, and there’s no better place to keep up-to-date about the neighborhood than right here, with the QPS Observer.

We’re as excited as you are about new art installations or that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that all your foodie friends are raving about, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Check out the best events and activities coming up in Long Island City, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @1qpstower for our inside scoop on what to do in LIC.

Mere minutes from Manhattan via car, train, Water Taxi or Citi Bike, LIC is the go-to locale for New Yorkers in search of culture and excitement, with jet-setters and locals alike clamoring to get in on the action. A vibrant art scene, white-hot restaurants, parks and parties, and unmatched views mean you’ll never run out of things to do in your own backyard.

At the heart of this neighborhood is the singular 1 QPS Tower, with its stunning no-fee apartments.
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8/22: Tuesday Sunset Yoga with Jeremy Hoffeld

What’s more reparative than chanting “Om” after a revitalizing yoga session? How about a sunset savasana beside the rooftop pool and lounge at 1 QPS? Led by one of Long Island City’s foremost instructors, this class takes people of all ages and skill levels out of the studio and places them outdoors for a yoga [Read More]

8/22: Tuesday Rock Climbing with First Ascent

Some people like to work up a sweat in a SoulCycle spin class; some will put on a P90x video and get their resistance training on. But others like a more vertical challenge, and nothing beats reaching the top — case in point: our rooftop pool and lounge, which is the tallest in New York [Read More]

8/24: Thursday Latin Dance with Israel Martinez

Long Island City is a singular NYC neighborhood, with a beat that’s all its own. The energy is electric, and you may find yourself wanting to get your dance on. Who needs crowded clubs to swing, sway, and step to some killer beats? Show off your moves or learn some new ones with LIC’s foremost [Read More]

8/23: Wednesday Mixology with Liquid Lab

Cocktails conjure conviviality and colorful conversation. While you could lap up the libations on a night out in Long Island City, why not add just a splash of fun to your next fete at 1 QPS Tower with some augmented mixology skills you acquired during this class by NYC’s foremost cocktail-making company, Liquid Lab? Whether [Read More]

8/21: Monday Vertical Gardening with Kate

When you invite friends over to 1 QPS Tower for cocktails at any of the building’s incredible outdoor spaces, they’ll be impressed by the expansive views of Long Island City and Manhattan. But why not take advantage of all that outdoor space and show off your green thumb at 1 QPS Tower’s community garden? As [Read More]

8/20: Tequila Fest at Studio Square

On August 20, you can indulge in an entire night of open-bar tequila-based drinks at the Tequila Fest at Studio Square. Hot 97’s DJ Camilo, along with TrueBlends and DJ Showcrime, will keep the place lively with great beats. Dress to impress and arrive early: this is one summer event you don’t want to miss.

8/19: SculptureCenter Long Island City

In 1928, SculptureCenter was founded as the “Clay Club” by the sculptor Dorothea Denslow. Every summer until 1939, the organization’s artists and students visited Staten Island to picnic and collectively build temporary monumental sculptures out of natural clay. The tradition will finally be revived again this year right in Long Island City. On August 19 [Read More]

8/19: Black-in-the-dark Yoga at Rhythm and Soul Yoga

If you’re looking for another out-of-the-ordinary yoga experience, Long Island City has you covered. Allie Mason from “Deephouse Yoga and the House of Yes’ The Get Down Series” and the drummer A.J. Nocito from the Wanderlust festivals will team up for black-in-the-dark yoga under black lights at Rhythm and Soul Yoga on August 19. Come [Read More]

8/17: barre3 Pop-Up Pilates at The Foundry

Incorporating the wisdom of yoga, the strength of Pilates, and the grace of ballet barre work, barre3 is the latest form of exercise. Invite your friends to join you for this empowering blend at a pop-up class at The Foundry on August 17. The low-impact movements are designed to build muscles, so people at all [Read More]

8/12-13: LIC Flea and Food’s International Beer & Food Festival

LIC Flea and Food brings yet another amazing weekend via their International Beer & Food Festival, August 12 and 13. The event will be full of delicious surprises, with beers from over 10 countries and 30+ global food vendors. Make sure to RSVP for your chance for $100 in LIC Flea Bucks. You can even [Read More]