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Long Island City reverberates with the pulse of innovation, creativity, and culture. While some think a day is sufficient to experience LIC, it takes a lifetime. There’s no better place to spend that lifetime than 1 QPS Tower, and there’s no better place to keep up-to-date about the neighborhood than right here, with the QPS Observer.

We’re as excited as you are about new art installations or that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that all your foodie friends are raving about, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Check out the best events and activities coming up in Long Island City, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @1qpstower for our inside scoop on what to do in LIC.

Mere minutes from Manhattan via car, train, Water Taxi or Citi Bike, LIC is the go-to locale for New Yorkers in search of culture and excitement, with jet-setters and locals alike clamoring to get in on the action. A vibrant art scene, white-hot restaurants, parks and parties, and unmatched views mean you’ll never run out of things to do in your own backyard.

At the heart of this neighborhood is the singular 1 QPS Tower, with its stunning no-fee apartments.
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11/28: Tuesday Yoga with Jeremy Hoffeld | 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. | Yoga Studio

Whether you’re relieving the stress of the workday, developing your flexibility, or trying to build up some muscle, there’s no place like “om” at a 1 QPS Tower yoga class. Stop by the building’s private yoga studio in your finest athleisure and prepare yourself for an hour of bliss. For the uninitiated, you may find [Read More]

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11/27: Monday Texas Hold ‘Em | 7 p.m. | Conference Room

In life, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. This mantra rings especially true when you join a session of this classic card game in the conference room. There might be a limit to the pot, but there is no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have [Read More]

11/30: Thursday Latin Dance with Israel Martinez 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

When that autumnal chill hits the air, what better way to heat up than with a little dancing? Whether you’re a world-class ballroom dancer or an armchair two-stepper while watching Dancing with the Stars, you’ll learn the latest moves and some classic Latin techniques that will be sure to impress friends and families at fall [Read More]

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11/29: Mixology and Karaoke | Wednesday 8 p.m. | Residents’ Lounge

Mix and mingle with other residents of 1 QPS Tower as you mix some drinks and maybe, just maybe, show off your best version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in the lounge. The benefits of our monthly Mixology and Karaoke event are innumerous; you can have your favorite artisanal craft cocktails without having to [Read More]

LIC Observer 10/30

With Sunday’s dreary deluge, it’s time that we stop kidding ourselves – fall is here. Fortunately, this means looking forward to Halloween, Veteran’s Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving – and all of the celebrations and events that these holidays entail. Long Island City is the place to be this fall, and 1 QPS Tower sits right [Read More]

11/1: Dia de los Muertos @ SacredWaters

Indulge in one last bit of Halloween fun with the Second Annual Dia de los Muertos celebration at SacredWaters. There will be a traditional Ofrenda (Altar) and a guided meditation at this event on November 1. You are welcome to bring an object, picture, or artifact “that reminds you of something beloved that is no [Read More]

11/5: “Alternative 80s” @ MoMA PS1

Take a step back in time to Downtown New York in the late 1970s – early 1980s. On November 5, MoMA PS1 will present a full day of poetry, performances, discussion, and music from artists who were part of Club 57 and the Downtown scene. The “Alternative 80s: Club 57 and New York’s Downtown Scene” [Read More]

11/7: LIC Community Awards Dinner @ the Chocolate Factory

Spend an evening supporting the members of your Long Island City community on November 7. Enjoy dinner at the Chocolate Factory while honoring Lisa DiClerico and Alex Schindler, owners of LIC Market, who will receive the Second Annual Artist in Industry Award. This “intimate dinner” starts with cocktails at 7 pm. Get your tickets here.