1 QPS Tower


1 QPS Tower


QPS Observer: 3/21/2017

Winter Storm Stella has come and gone, coating the city in a sheet of ice. Fortunately for the new residents of 1 QPS Tower, getting snowed in meant even more time to enjoy the building’s unrivaled amenities, as well as each apartment’s stunning views of Queens, Manhattan, and beyond. Now it’s time to emerge from […]

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QPS Observer: 3/13/2017

We may have lost an hour of sleep this weekend, but the brief adjustment period that follows is worth it. Nothing says spring quite like a 7PM sunset, which from 1 QPS Tower is nothing short of spectacular. Step outside your Long Island City apartment, enjoy the sun, but keep that puffer jacket handy. March […]

QPS Observer: 3/6/2017

The last vestiges of winter may drag on a little bit, but there’s always a good reason to be merry, if you do your research and get a little creative. Near 1 QPS Tower, celebrations of all kinds are the perfect bridge to spring. Live a little! Indulge! Check out exactly how you can party […]

QPS Observer: 2/24/2017

You can’t beat the feeling of discovering a little motivation in an unexpected place. What’s a better way to get that feeling than by venturing right outside of your LIC apartment and exploring? It is possible! Just take a peek at what’s happening only minutes away from 1 QPS Tower this week. Perhaps one of […]


QPS Observer: 2/21/2017

The winter snowfall has subsided, at least for now. What better way is there to celebrate a momentarily blizzard-free forecast than by venturing out of your Long Island City apartment and trying something new? This week, you can learn how to make your favorite dishes with maple syrup, take in a little culture with a […]